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We are leader in the field of hot stamping and in supplying forged and machined brass parts.

Our manufacturing scope covers parts from 40 grams up to 2000 grams, in many shapes and industries (watermeter bodies, valves, taps, fittings and connectors, etc.)

The alloys suitable for hot stamping are: CW617N, CW602N, Ecobrass, Cuphin, CW511L, CW625N, CW626N, Bronze-aluminium 5275-63.

Our machine park includes:

5 automatic presses with max power 400 tons, 1 stroke press, equipped with FARMBRASS furnaces for billet heating;
4 saw cutting machines (for the brass bar cut) SIMEC-ADIGE SALA;
6 blanking presses;
1 sandblast machine OMSG (for surface finishing and polishing);
1 machining center (boring-milling) for the manufacturing of the tooling needed for our manufacturing processes.

Via Mondalino di Sopra n. 7 - 25070 - Preseglie (BS) ITALY
Tel. +39 0365.862396 - Fax. +39 0365.862397

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