Mr Giancarlo Bonardi starts working in the field of hot brass forging, gaining a hands-on huge technical expertise.

The first independent forging company is founded with the installation of the first friction screw press.

“Bonpress srl” is born thanks to the change to the current corporate form.

The movement of the factory to the current facility, with the installation of 2 new forging lines. The customers base enlarges to new industries and countries.

The generational change is completed. With renovated impulse, Mr Paolo Bonardi becomes the managing director, backed by the sister Cristina (financial director) and the brother-in-law Antonio Greco (plant manager), with whom a new blooming season starts.

The factory now boasts the doubling of the production capacity with respect to 2009.

The start of the works to enlarge the factory and of the new building for the management’s offices, completed in 2017, with the forecast of a further enlarging of the plant scheduled by 2021.

The machinery park expands with the installation of 2 new automatic forging lines, including the biggest press of 450 ton which allows for manufacturing core forged parts up to 3” / 3 kg.

The purchase of a 200 tons press, and to ameliorate the process also 2 automatic trimming lines are added.

the works for the further enlarging of the building start

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