The industries we work for

The parts we forge are used as mechanical components in many different industries, showing the absolute versatility of the capacity of Bonpress, always ready to go for new challenges and commit into new co-engineering projects with the customers.

Valves industry
manufacturing of forged brass parts such as 2 ways valve bodies, 3 and 4 ways valve bodies, balls, nuts, tails, handles, filters, etc.

Sanitary taps
manufacturing of brass hot forgings such as bodies for taps and sanitary fixtures, handles, knobs

Fittings and couplings
manufacturing of hot forged parts for brass fittings, T-fittings, elbows, 4 ways fittings, fittings for multi-layer tubes, threaded fittings, nuts, manifolds for heating, couplings for cooling systems, fittings for the solar systems

manufacturing of brass forgings for water meters, and their inlet and outlet fittings between DN15 and DN50..

forging of bronze and copper based alloys for the yacht and naval industry.

hot forgings of brass parts and copper parts for electronic, electric, rail industry, battery contacts.

manufacturing of hot forged parts for brass components such as door handles, knobs, plaques, fasteners for seating systems, etc.

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