The choice of the ownership of Bonpress to adopt  a System for the Quality Management goes back to 2007, first year of Certification.

The quality Manual and all the elements of the quality documents system are written and managed in conformity to the Standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2015. The overall system is applied to all the processes, both in production and in the administration, in order to keep a high level of quality in the offered products and services.

Our quality system pursues the following goals:

• continuous monitor of the customer satisfaction

• building a positive and strict collaboration with the suppliers of products and services

• maintain an attentive training and education of the personnel

• improve the workplace conditions and stimulate the participation of the personnel into to the improvement of the service level

• continuous amelioration of the company’s processes

• grant an effective periodical maintenance of machineries and instruments

• carry on a periodical analysis of the risk with the aim to strategically plan the safeguard and growth of the business

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