Forged materials

Bonpress is able to hot forge a wide spectrum of non-ferrous alloys, with the brass alloys as the main reference, together with aluminium and copper. The diverse alloys, each one with its own features and its traceability and forging specifications , are processed according to the latest production standards, having in mind  the efficiency of the process with the aim to reduce the overall costs for our customers, keeping a high service level. It’s also long time that Bonpress has been specialising in the hot forging of low-lead, lead-free brass and silicon-based brass. The specific expertise and the deep know-how gained in these specific alloys, represents for the customer a great advantage, in the sense of the possibility to fully trust a competent partner, technologically independent for the manufacturing of hot forged parts in special brass alloys.

Here it’s a list of the main materials in which we can boasts a great forging expertise:

CW617N / CW602N / CW625N / ECOBRASS / CW510L / CW511L / CW626N / CW725R / CW724R

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