Integrated system to collect and process the data coming from production: Revolution 4.0 starts at Bonpress.

06 May 2020. In Bonpress we have always been very attentive to the process innovations, to technology and digitalisation as a mean to improve quality and efficiency. We could not avoid taking the opportunities that the Industry 4.0 offers, and it was just a few months ago that we started designing what today is officially kicking-off: an integrated system to collect and process the data coming from our 9 forging presses and 5 cutting machines. This will allow us to:

- monitor the working parameters

- track the manufacturing data and the process drifts

- correlate specific efficiency decrease with determined machine’s parameters

- measure the production costs and insert them automatically in our industrial control and accounting system

The aim of all this? Always and as usual, the satisfaction of the customers! Through better quality, improved level of service, competitiveness and cooperation, the customer is always at the centre of our thoughts and actions.


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