Non-ferrous hot forged parts

Engineering and manufacturing hot forged parts made of brass, copper and aluminium has always been for us at Bonpress the main activity, in which the enormous expertise plays a critical role in order to get to products which responds to the desired mechanical and geometrical features, always along with price competitiveness to support our customers for their market challenges.

The hot forged parts and components are manufactured with eccentric continuous presses, with cored or solid geometries, always striving for quality, manufacturing economy, raw material saving, and not least a fast service with certain delivery time. The parts can be also forged with friction screw presses, allowing Bonpress to be recognised as one of the main players for hot closed die forging in Europe.
A great expertise has been acquired in the field of hot forging of low-lead and lead-free brass alloys, including silicon brass alloys, along with an attentive logistical handling which is required to avoid contamination amongst different materials.

The meticulous observation of the ISO 9001 quality procedures grants our customers on the fact that each and every single component is responding to the given technical specification in terms of material, process and dimensions, with very low defect rate (always traceable by manufacturing lot) and thus a high reliability.

The main products we manufacture on customer’s drawing:

• brass alloys hot forged and stamped parts
• bronze and bronze-aluminium hot forged and stamped parts
• copper hot forged and stamped parts

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